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We work with our customers using Outsourcing scheme.

Outsourcing scheme

Outsourcing scheme is a scheme in the context of which an agreement is arranged. According to this agreement a company takes benefits from another company including a foreign one.

Off-Shore is the practice of an agreement with private persons or companies from abroad for realization of operations which can be fulfilled inside the country itself.

Near-Shore is the practice, which allows to fulfill operations or perform benefits, realization of which is more preferable in neighboring countries, not in your own one. The idea of Near-Shore gives a number of advantages, which lie in cultural and mental closeness of employees of two neighboring countries.

Questions and problems, which we pay attention on, realizing Near-Shore scheme

  • In customer's opinion quality of a product must not be changed when using this scheme (the companies participated in a project for a customer are called "Black Box");
  • The companies must curry a common responsibility for the result;
  • A well-considered, organized responsibility and work distribution must be carried out;
  • Software development all over the world is being carried out approximately at the same level. But employees who participate in a project and use Near-Shore scheme while working are from different countries. As a result some difficulties can be appeared (arised, emerged):
    • territorial;
    • language difficulties;
    • difficulties in culture;
  • Changes in organization of business processes and adaptation from the both sides;
  • Reversion (reconsideration) of standard methods of projects control in a new environment:
    • Resources control;
    • Project planning;
    • Quality control.

Near-Shore scheme helps in solving following questions

  • Partners addition:
    • Personally (partnership relations at all levels);
    • Structures and methods of control (management);
    • Working process, etc.;
    • Technical know-how;
  • Equal attitude of partners to responsibility
  • Constant communication improvement from the both sides
  • Standard methods of projects control when solving new problems

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