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The main purpose of our activity is to create particularized software for corporate customers. We are ready to cooperate with our clients beginning directly from the work at customer's office up to the full projects' realization under outsourcing scheme.
While working we use a wide range of development tools, skills and experience which our team got in sphere of information technologies. Skills, which our members got, based on education given from the university and best institutes of our city.

Our company is a company with limited liability, organized in accordance with german legislation.
Our stuff is a young flexible team (an average age of employees is 27). Additionally we possess data base of our employees, who if it's needed can be hired for a new project development or engaged in already existent projects.

Our company has everything required for an active communication with customers and partners:

  • high-speed Internet - 100Mb;
  • telephone, fax, e-mail, etc;
  • the possibility to hold teleconference with our customers and partners;

Our employees are always ready for business trips.

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