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In Germany:

  • Automotive supplier, large company.
    Oracle-In-House training
    (5-15 days, from SELECT * FROM DUAL to Database Recovery).
  • LUK
    For: LUK Gmbh&Co

    Product to plan measurements and manage measurement control information of vehicle spare parts. Integration with "National Instruments" LabWindows/CVI 5.5 for databaseaccess support and expression parsing.
    (Conception, design, GUI design, implementation, ADO, SQL, CVI)
    For: TECDOC - IT-Joint venture of 28 vehicle spare part manufacturer.

    Database compact and secure backup/restore utility. Able to restore data into a database of different structure.
    (Conception, design, implementation, data stored is an XML set, archived with ZIP and DES encrypted. DB-engine independent, operates via ODBC. Supports old database engines which supports ODBC v1.0 only)
    For: TECDOC - IT-Joint venture of 28 vehicle spare part manufacturer.

    Heterogeneous high customizable installation set for spare parts catalogue product. Single instance of installation set able install virtual products, so Catalogue may be redistributed by distinct manufacturers, with custom data, logos and copyrights, but without rebuilding of installation
    (Conception, design, implementation, GUI design, documentation, technical support).
  • IT-Joint venture of vehicle spare part manufacturer.
    Data maintenance module for spare parts supplier.
    (Conception, design, implementation, completely configurable Export-Import, standard interfaces, SAP interfaces)
  • DVPR
    For: Continental Teves Inc.
    Together with: ISB AG

    System of specification, planning and testing control of vehicle spare partsthrough the Internet access.
    (Conception, design, implementation, GUI design, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, UML).
    For: DaimlerChrysler.
    Together with: ISB AG

    Product aimed to processing and creating prices for vehicle spare parts in community with several third-party systems. Client-server Java application under WAS. Communication and synchronization with third-party applications via MQ tool (Websphere MQ).
    (Implementation, partly: conception and GUI design, Java, J2EE, EJB, UML, Swing, Websphere application server 5.0, BIB, Websphere MQ 5.3, JAXB, DB2 8.1.11).
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