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"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Over years of experience working in all areas of human activity, there proved to be a principle which our firm calls the Changing Community Principle. 

"Changing" stands for various things: social, political, economical and last, but not least, technological change.

"Community" stands for human partnership. We believe in a community with constantly changing surroundings.

" The inevitability of globalisation demands a parallel globalisation of our best ethical values ...
Economists call them "social capital". Evolutionary biologists call them "reciprocal Altruism". Political theorists call them communitarianism or civil society. Each of these phrases stands for what is really a quite simple idea that what gives us the power to survive in a rapidly changing environment are the habits of co-operation, the networks of support, our radius of trust. And we learn those habits in families, schools congregations and communities. It is there that we learn the grammar of togetherness, the give and take of rights and responsibilities, where we pass on our collective story, our ideals, from one generation to the next. Without them, society is too abstract to be real. Community is where they know your name; and where they miss you if you're not there. Community is society with a human face. And that is what we need at times of change."

This article is taken from Mr. T. Blair,"Values and the power of Community" (Prime Minister's Speech to the Global Ethics Foundation, Tuebingen University, Germany, 30 June 2000).

We consider our Changing Community Principle from various viewpoints: 

  • Community within a changing company 

Our team is growing constantly and new partners will cooperate with our company. However, we remain a community because we appreciate and promote cooperation, our team spirit, the willingness to support and assist each other. 

  •  Community with changing customers 

Our customers change and new ones are joining us all the time. Those whom we have supported for years have developed and expanded their businesses. Nevertheless, the cooperation between us continues as we treat our customers' problems and aims as our own. The key is that the solution which we are willing to provide is based on social cooperation. 

  • Community within a changing IT-world 

Nothing changes as fast as technology, especially in the IT-world. This means a challenge for us and opens the door to further development. Permanent extension of software technology, knowledge, as well as management is the only possible solution. 
Everyone, who deals with us is convinced of our work: we are reliable and competent partners. Therefore, we invite firms and individuals to get to know our Changing Community Principle, to enjoy it and to take advantage of it. 

Let us work as a Community!

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