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Sample CV

Personal details

Date of birth:   24 October 1977
Place of birth:   St. Petersburg, Russia
Marital status:   single, no children


2000 St. Petersburg State Technical University
Master of Science in Mathematics/Computer Science Degree.
1998 St. Petersburg State Technical University
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Computer Science Degree.

Work history

1998-now: Senior Consultant/ Senior Developer/ Developer at MP-Spektr/RD-Software, Russia/Germany
1995-1998: Senior Developer / Developer at NIIPT, Russia
1993-1995: Freelancer


Developer tools:
  • MS Visual C++
  • MS Visual Basic
  • Borland Builder C++
  • ORACLE Designer
  • Rational Rose
Technologies, Program Libraries, Database systems:
  • ActiveX, COM/DCOM, ATL
  • ADO, DAO
  • SQL, Embedded SQL, PL-SQL, ProC, OCI
  • MFC, VCL
  • ORACLE Server, MS SQL Server, MS Access
  • STL
  • EAI, Tuxedo
  • UML
  • Middleware (MSMQ, MQSeries)
Further skills:
  • Database and Object-oriented design, team leading, project management

Foreign languages

Russian:   native speaker
English:   colloquial
German:   basic knowledge

Recent projects

  • 2001- CPC, Saint-Petersburg + Scotland
    Project Manager, OOA Designer. Product for tracking issues via e-mail from on one central point. Team: 4 persons. Project is in progress. Around 200 MD at this moment.
  • 2000-2001 Fund, USA
    Developed interfaces and business logic for international bank currency exchange software. Taking part in the project.
  • 2000 ND, Germany
    Internet investigation of several EAI tools, comparison.
  • 2000- Vine, Saint - Petersburg
    Project Manager. Products for sale-business companies. Visual C++, Oracle, HTML, Java. Team: 6 persons. Project is in progress. Around 400 MD at this moment. Developer. Developed low-level C++ multi-platform libraries. Visual C++, STL.20 MD
  • 1999-2000 NIIPT, Saint - Petersburg
    Project Manager, Senior Developer. Designed and developed Electro-Energetic Science Research Environment pilot edition. Supports result's history and allows restore and compare experimental and calculation results. Used by several Russian Energy Systems. Team: 4 persons. 300 MD
  • 1998 - 2000 ISB, Germany + Saint - Petersburg
    Senior Developer and Designer. Developed Universal Import/Export tool, flexible rules, Oracle/ADO support. GUI/Console interfaces. Developed import-export interface between TECDOC Database and TECDOC-EinspeiserFormat (WinNT ORACLE - special format files). Team: 2 persons. 120 MD Developer. Developed import-export interface between SAP and Price Building Database (Unix/WinNT ORACLE). Team 1 person. 30 MD Developer. Developed ActiveX control for viewing hierarchical data stored in ORACLE database in Explorer-like style for EDB project (WinNT ORACLE). 60 MD
  • 1998 NIIPT, Saint - Petersburg
    Senior Developer. Designed and developed platform-independent output format for program complex SPRUT (Windows). Team : 2 persons. 40 MD
  • 1998 Shell, Saint - Petersburg
    Developer. Developed Engineering System to manage site building (Windows, MS Access) Team: 1 person. 60 MD
  • 1995 - 1997 NIIPT, Saint - Petersburg
    Developed analyzer program for managing FORTRAN-sources (DOS) Developed graphical viewer for programs complex SPRUT. It includes GUI subsystem for DOS, Output Data Format (first version) specification, and simple editor for drawing energy system's schemes (DOS)
  • 1993-1995
    Developed several financial systems for small-business companies in Saint-Petersburg (MS-Access)
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