About us

RD-Software is a software development company. Our main focus is on the development of custom software for corporate customers. To this purpose a wide spectrum of development tools are used, enabling an optimal solution to our customers' requirements.

RD-Software was established in 1997, followed in October 2001 by RD-Software GmbH in Germany. We have a presence in the IT market for over eight years. Companies in Germany, Finland, UK and USA benefit already from a partnership with us.

There are three most important criterions of software development: quality of the product, resources spent, compliance with delivery dates ("the right product for the right price at the right time"). Our methodology in project management helps us to achieve best values for this criterions simultaneously, considering all of them being important for our customer.

Starting 2020 more and more activities are starting in MENA region, which followed with opening in RD-Software FZCO 2022 in Dubai

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